Earlobe piercing bleeding after 4 months?

Its already been four months since i first got my earlobe piercing. Everything was good until now when i took out my earing. I havent worn any other earings except the stud that i got at the store. I dont think i am allergic to the metal either. when i took out my earing to clean it, my right ear was fine but as soon as i took out the left one, blood mixed with a little bit of pus came out. now it is only blood that comes out when i put pressure on the hole. im afraid to put my earing back on and i dont feel any pain at all. i dont know what to do! if i touch one hole, then blood will come out the other and vice versa. any tips at all?

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    7 years ago
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    Mine did that ! Just clean it with either the stuff you got when you had it pierced or a little salt water. It just helps to kill off any bacteria, then it should stop in about a week or so, mine did and they're fine now. If it doesn't stop just go back into a peircing place and ask for their advice:) xx

  • 7 years ago

    Keep your earrings in, first off. Second, do sea salt water soaks (1/4tsp sea salt and a cup of warm water) Soak your ear and and thoroughly clean your earrings a couple of times a day and you should be fine.

  • 7 years ago

    Well firstly, was the guy black? if so, probably aids. Sorry but you should go buy some over the counter medication to treat that ****, cause let's be honest, who wants to get with aids girl.

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