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Remove guest password on mac?

I have a mac laptop and i wana put a password for the guest account because i dont want my roomate to use it when im not home. (she jus broke hers) and i know she would want to w/o asking when im not here. But i wana take it out later when she moves out how do i remove the pw?? I did it before but i was at the apple store & the guy the genius bar told me what to do.. It was awhile ago though so i dont remember how to. Please help asap

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    You need to go into System Preferences>Users and Groups

    In there it will have "Guest Account" on the side. Click on it and uncheck the option "allow guests to log into this computer" and then your done>


    if you cannot click on guest account, click the lock button in the bottom right hand corner of the window

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