Why can't the NSA and CIA be merged? Why can't the FBI, ATF, DEA, and the Secret Service? be merged?

Why can't Homeland Security, US Marshals, and the Coast Guard be merged? Why can' the EPA, National Forest Service, and the USDA be merged?

It seems to me there are A LOT of redundant functions in our government and things need to be simplified for efficiency and fiscal solvency. What do you think?

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  • Nomad
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    8 years ago
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    NSA and CIA can't be merged because the CIA can't spy on US citizens, while the NSA can and DOES.

    Merging the Secret Service with the other agencies would be silly ... although it would make sense for the FBI to take over some of the Secret Services functions ... like investigating counterfeiting.

    I never understood why the DEA wasn't part of the FBI to begin with.

    The ATF, however, focuses on smuggling across state lines. Perhaps the DEA and ATF should merge. Although they wouldn't be a good fit with the FBI.

  • 8 years ago

    The ATF/FBI have already merged. Alcohol, tobacco and firearms are already federally regulated. The CIA. Was promulgated by pres. Wilson who wanted a news service reporting directly to the White House. He was tired of feeling uninformed about what was happening in other nations by the time the news was known to everyone else. He wanted factual information "as it happed". The NSA is same~same but responds/acts on issues within U.S borders, the CIA functions internationally. Federal Marshals are assigned to the U.S and territories as a police force operating nationally and internationally in some cases. The Environmental Protection Agency oversees... Protecting the environment. From industrial pollution, predation and such. They regulate the laws designed to protect the earth, the Forestrey service serves as babysitter to the landscape and all the critters. Wardens and Rangers have limited legal authority to keep the rules intact. The Food and Drug Administration deals solely with the raising and storage of

    Source(s): Food source grains, proper raising, keeping, slaughter, tranport and preparation of meat. They also regulate purity standards, safety standards and such for pharmaceutical companies producing synthecised drugs. Putting the EPA, USDA and thr Forestry service together as one entity wouldn't work because of what they do, how and why they do it. Combining the CIA with DEA and NSA would create a security nightmare not worth the trouble. And then why would DEA need spycraft gadgets? CIA is forbidden against ops of any kind here in the U.S, these matters are persued by FBI and Secret Service. Depending on severity of the issue, either entity could lead things. All these agencies are separate for very good reasons.
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    The ATF/FBI have already merged. Alcohol, tobacco and firearms are already federally regulated. The CIA. became promulgated by using using pres. Wilson who needed a information service reporting on to the White living house. He became uninterested in feeling uninformed about what became happening in distinct international locations by using using the time the records became everyday to everybody else. He needed actual practise "because it happed". The NSA is analogous~similar yet responds/acts on matters interior of united statesborders, the CIA applications throughout the time of the international. Federal Marshals are assigned to the united statesand territories as a police stress operating nationally and throughout the time of the international on get jointly. The Environmental preserve practices company company oversees... preserving the ambience. From company pollution, predation and such. they regulate the rules designed to guard the earth, the Forestrey service serves as babysitter to the panorama and each and every of the critters. Wardens and Rangers have constrained criminal authority to maintain the rules intact. The foodstuff and Drug administration deals thoroughly with the raising and storage of

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I think you are right . Homeland Security should be a computer to connect all the other agencies . The EPA , the Forest Service , and the USDA could be under the Interior Dept .

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  • MarkG
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    8 years ago

    They are all specialty organizations. Some tasked with domestic jurisdiction and others with foreign.(the two are kept separate)

    DHS is supposed to be an umbrella organization that ties them together to ensure information flows between them.

    USCG is great at patrolling the coast and interdicting smugglers but not as good at taking down a land based meth lab like a team of DEA agents. This may not be the best example but serves to illustrate the specialization each organization brings to the table.

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