Movies: Recommend a TV show to your contacts?

Since we have recommend each other movies, I thought this time we should recommend a TV show to some of your contacts you think they might like :) You can recommend more than one if you want!

Suicidal Ice Cream Truck Driver-

Rebellion Has Its Perks-


Harrison Ford- and also the same one I recommended to Emma ^^




Metal Quality-

Comrade Good Looking-


Ryan Zazul- Parks and Recreation

V- The Sopranos

D.d.- The Big Bang Theory

Sorry Ryan, V, and D.d. I couldn't add anymore links! and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone else



Metal Quality, I had to look up Homeland since I've never heard of that show before, but it sounds like a really good one! I have it on my watch list now :) Thanks! and you should get on watching Twin Peaks very soon, I just started watching that show four days ago and it's becoming one of my favourites

Liam, I also never heard of We Can Be Heroes! I'll definitely add that to my watch list right now. Also my brother and I plan on watching Doctor Who sometime soon :) Thanks!

Loser, haha I'm sorry! Thanks for the recommendations :) I recommend you.. Freaks and Geeks (if you haven't watched that yet) and Heroes

Update 2:

Harrison Ford, you really have great taste in TV shows! I've always wanted to start watching Peep Show, The IT Crowd, The Thick of It and Mad Men. Also I never heard of The Decalogue but it sounds interesting so I'm going to add that to my watch list

Gabriel, fantastic recommendations. I've heard a lot of great stuff about Rome, so I should get on watching that soon!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Great recommendation. I've been wanting to watch Twin Peaks since I became a fan of Lynch earlier this year (Blue Velvet was one of the first films I watched this year, and it made me a fan of the acclaimed filmmaker).

    I have Netflix, and it's streaming, so this may put me over the edge. Thanks a lot!

    Your recommendations actually fit these people nicely, lol.

    Jack Nicholson (hey that's you): Homeland

    Donny: Boss

    rebellion has its perks: The Larry Sanders Show

    Gabriel: Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Liam: Justified

    Harrison Ford: I'll second Dexter

    Logan: Three's Company

    This was tough, as I have no idea what people have seen. But I'm happy with my answer.

  • Logan
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Jack Nicholson: Twin Peaks

    Suicidal Ice Cream Truck Driver: Game of Thrones

    Rebellion has its Perks: Disappeared

    Emjob: Reba lol

    Harrison Ford: Weeds

    Donny: Jeff Dunham

    Metal Quality:

    Comrade Good Looking: Breaking Bad

    Gabriel: Numbers

    Liam: Oz

  • \Liam\
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Hey :D

    I love these recommendation thingo's, I haven't seen Freaks and Geeks or Justified, I'll make sure to have a look at them!

    Jack Nicholson: We Can Be Heroes, Doctor Who

    Suicidal Icecream Truck Driver: Six Feet Under

    Rebellion has its Perks: Peep Show

    Emjob: Misfits, Kath and Kim, Being Human

    Harrison Ford: Frisky Dingo, Veronica Mars

    Donny: Carnivale

    Logan: Sherlock

    Metal Quality: Doctor Who, United States of Tara

    Comrade Good Looking: Dead Set, Weeds

    Gabriel: Twin Peaks, Community

    V: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    D.d: Game of Thrones


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I don't watch many TV shows and I don't really know what anyone here likes... so I think I'll just recommend my favourite shows to everyone:

    Twin Peaks

    Peep Show

    The Decalogue (well it's more like a miniseries...)

    Arrested Development


    Freaks and Geeks

    The IT Crowd

    Parks and Recreation

    The Thick of It

    Mad Men

    The Simpsons

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  • Jack Nicholson- Strangers With Candy- it was on comedy central about 10 years ago. Very funny and weird- enjoy!

    Liam- The Walking Dead- you are probably already watching it though. This is kind of hard to figure if you are watching it or not ha ha. Heres a backup series- Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer series, its from the 80's. Its an old time style of detective mysteries. Hope you like it

  • 7 years ago

    Jack Nicholson (hey that's you): Homeland

    Donny: Boss

    rebellion has its perks: The Larry Sanders Show

    Gabriel: Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • 7 years ago

    Hey Jack! Love this Q. Thanks for the rec. Can't wait for Season 4.

    Suicidal Ice Cream Truck Driver – Game of Thrones

    Logan – Modern Family

    Rebellion Has its Perks – The Good Wife

    Harrison Ford – Dexter

    Comrade Good Looking - Generation Kill (2008) Mini Series -

    Metal Quality - Boss

    Jack Nicholson – Rome

    Liam - Deadwood

    Donny – The Wire

    Emjob – True Blood

    KZ - Carnivale

    @MQ- Thanks for the rec. I've watched a few seasons of Curb. I need to finish it.

    @Liam - Thanks for the recs. Love Community. I haven't watched Twin Peaks in years. Its time to revisit.

    @ Harrison - Hey there! Great suggestions.

  • Loser
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Hey hey hey! What about me!

    But anyways...

    I'd recommend Doctor Who to all of my contacts because it is awesome....

    But Slug & I'm A Loser & FTWWW - Arrested Development.

    Hahah thanks, I'll watch some of Freaks and Geeks. You're a good recommend-er.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


    Breaking Bad

    Pretty Little Liars.

    The Walking Dead


    United States of Tara

    The vampire diaries

    My name is Earl

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You should all watch The Wombles

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