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How to care for a Mouse?

How do you care for a Mouse?

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    TFM is an excellent mouse site that has a mouse care information section. They discuss housing, bedding, wheels, diet as well as a page on taming. They also have an active forum where you can search the archives for information as well as posting your own Qs. The links follow:

    Regarding gender, if you want bucks you can only house one buck per house. Bucks past the age of 4 weeks old can and will fight. The result can be serious injury or death. Does, on the other hand, do best in colonies with three considered ideal. TFM explains:

    I will tell you what I use to care for mice mice, but keep in mind this is just my preferences. I use bin homes as they are easy to clean and inexpensive. Nightly spot cleaning of the tinkle/poo area prevents ammonia build-up. I feed them Brown's Tropical Carnival hamster/gerbil mix. Most mice should not have more than 13 to 14% protein in the diet, and the BTC mouse/rat mix has too much. I remove the peanuts, sunflower seeds and dried corn from the mix, as the first two are high allergy foods and the last has been linked to cancer as well as having the potential for mold. I also remove the raisins as they have been known to cause renal failure. The mice also get treats such as Cheerios and Corn Chex along with fresh fruit/vegetables twice per week. I use WodentWheel JRs for my mice. For bedding, I use CareFresh Ultra. It neutralizes odor instead of just masking it. My mice love the willow wood sticks sold at PetSmart. I buy the long ones and cut them down as it is cheaper that way. PetSmart also sells stick-on water bottles (All Living Things) which work great with bin homes. Empty paper towel rolls are great toys as are boxes such as from PopTarts with doors and windows cut out.

    Mice love free range time. It is a great way for them to get out of the constraints of the cage and a great way to bond with their human and feel comfortable around you. I toss an old sheet over the couch, lay out toys, hide-aways and so forth, and then sit and supervise the mice. They have a blast roaming and they will crawl near, over and across me. I put on an open sweater and they love to explore inside it, especially the sleeves. You can also use a blocked off area of a room that has been mouse-proofed for free range time.

    TFM has a thread on toys you can make for little or no cost for mice. They also have a thread on MESs (Mouse Entertainment Systems) which are structures you build from popsicle sticks and non-toxic glue for the mice to climb. The links follow:

    (If you cannot read the above threads, you will need to register first.)

    I wish you all the best with your mouse/mice. If you join TFM, you can post photos of your new addition(s).

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    The first thing you have to do get the suplise you need than get a mouse you need 3 girls or 1 boy boys fight and girls have to live in groups and don't put boys and girls in the same cage they will kill each other and feed them groom them and love them. You'll be fine

    Ps boys need mor attention

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  • they need to eat DAILY!

    Source(s): they are small, and i've read other things on yahoo answers before!
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    Kill him.

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