Can you tell me some good new inventions that doesn't exist yet?

Is that my social studies teacher told us to create an invention that could change the world, like a mini.robot that cookes to you, or do your homework, that type of things, new that hasn't being created yet

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  • 8 years ago
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    -Cell Phones & iPods you'll be able to Re-charge in your Shirt Pockets !! :) Expect those Shirts, Phones & iPods- to be available in Stores- by 2020. :)

    Source(s): A "Wave"- from the Future...
  • 8 years ago

    You might as well go all the way. How about a robot that goes to school and takes the lessons and then brings them home to the kids, then the kids don't even have to leave the house and face possible violence or bullying at school or on the way to and from school, and they won't get exposed to illnesses passed around in schools.

    Or if you want to make your teacher mad tell him/her that we need to invent a robot that will replace teachers. That way, the teaching robots can be programmed so all students will receive the exact same information, instead of students in different parts of the country being taught differently by biased teachers and school boards.

  • xyzzy
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    8 years ago

    an anti gravity device

    a teleportation device

    perpetuation motion machine

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