What is the difference between Abec 3 bearings and precision speed bearings?

Title says it all

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  • 8 years ago
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    no it doesn't say it all.

    If you have what the industry calls "precision" specification bearings, they are garbage.

    I suspect that you have something else that has a brand name that may not be ABEC rated but they call precision.

    How hard would it have been to give the brand name and model of the bearings?

    There is really very little difference in bearings once you get to ABEC 1 and there is nothing in the spec that ABEC 7 rolls any better (the specs could cause them to be slower) or last longer.

    Most ABEC bearings are made by large industrial bearing makers and sold to various companies.

    Some of the larger companies that sell skate bearings (Bones, Zero Drag, Twin Cam) have created designs that are better for skating or boarding than the ABEC standards.

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  • Arlene
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    4 years ago

    lonboarding is very gay and you should just throw the bearings away.

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