Have you seen the film Obama's America 2016?

I went to this film hoping the producer got it right...his premise is that Obama adopted dreams from his Kenyan father, a man who abandoned him and a man he never knew. I believe Joel Gilbert's film "Dreams from My Real Father" gets it right, when he asserts Obama actually adopted the dreams of his REAL father (both ideologically and biologically) Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying communist, who fathered Obama with an illicit affair with 17 year old Stanley Ann Dunham. Ann's father married her off to Mr. Obama to hide the illicit affair, even though Mr. Obama was already married to a Kenyan woman back home, but with the promise of a student visa which would allow him to stay int he states, he accepted because he was told he would not have to take any responsibility for the child...which explains why Ann ran off to WA to pursue her college aspirations right after the baby was born and never really had a married life with Mr. Obama...and later dumped her child with her parents so that his real father could mentor him when he was 10. Obama spent 8 years with his "real" father learning the ways of communism and radical revolutions. 2016 only brushes the surface of Mr. Davis and his CHICAGO CONNECTIONS which Obama took full advantage of. No, Obama is not a multi-cultural anti-colonialist, he is an American born Marxist Communist, who intends to fundamentally transform your country...something his 60's counterparts were unable to do through violence and intimidation, he is accomplishing from within.

Go see this movie...but know, as well intentioned as it is, it doesn't quite put all the dots together to explain the enigma wrapped in a riddle that is our current president.


Chevy...I guess your version of thinking for self, is blah blah blah, lmao.

Update 2:

commish...I have yet to find a liberal who can debate intelligently...it is always blah blah blah, name calling, insults but NEVER reasoned debate..and I have found they lack the ability to consider anything that doesn't fit their mind locked opinions.

Update 3:

Easy Later...whether born in Kenya or not, if his REAL father is Frank Marshall Davis (which there is plenty of evidence that is the case), then it doesn't matter where he was born...because both parents were American, which bestows upon Obama, citizenship.

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    9 years ago
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    You are correct and he is intentionally destroying our once great nation. keep up the great work of exposing this fraud.




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  • Dan H
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    9 years ago

    I saw 2016 and found it interesting. I have also seen the documentary "Behold a Pale Horse" with Gen Jerry Boykin, Charlie Daniels and others and found it to be quite interesting as well. I would suggest Americans to see both.

  • I hope to see it soon, and in one sitting. I still doubt he was born in the US, as his grandma was quoted as saying "I saw with my very own eyes Barack was born in kenya". Then, unfortunately she passed away sometime during the election night.

  • 9 years ago

    Sounds like he IS thinking for himself. Did you get that he was critiquing the movie?

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    Source(s): Obama 12. Unlike republicans, I look at all sides and make an informed decision rather than be a sheep and worship ONLY fox news. I watch it all.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Blah, blah, blah, stupid propaganda. Learn to think for yourself, con.

  • Hugo
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    9 years ago

    I saw it.

    Source(s): OBAMA 2012
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