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Your opinion: Google Vs Apple Vs Microsoft : Which do you like best?

I'm conducting a poll & survey for my own purposes. My question is, out of these 3 companies; Microsoft, Apple and Google, which do you like best based on their products?

>Google ( Chrome browser, Android, Search engine )

>Apple ( IPhone, Safari, QuickTime)

>Microsoft ( Bing, IE, Windows OS)

Things to consider ( Guidelines only)

-Bing vs Google

-Apple iOS vs Andriod vs Windows

-Mac vs Windows vs Chrome OS.

-Chrome vs Safari vs Internet Explorer

-ICloud vs Google Drive vs SkyDrive

-ICloud mail vs Gmail vs Outlook ( Hotmail)

-Steve Ballmer & Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs & Tim Cook vs Larry Page & Eric Schimdt.

-QuickTime vs WIndows Media Player

-Office for Mac vs MS Office vs Google Docs

-MSN vs Google vs Apple

-IPad vs Windows 8 Tablet vs Android Tablets

So, what is your choice?

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    All of these companies behave badly, take advantage of their size and power, hold their customers hostage. They all act like monopolies in their own way, they engage in anti-competitive practices that ought to be illegal. (In fact I think they ARE illegal but we just don't enforce anti-trust laws already on the books.)

    But of the three I dislike Google least. They practically invented the search engine--I know Google wasn't the first one but it's won out over the years as the best and most useful. I love Chrome but I don't use it because I suspect it follows me everywhere, I feel like I'm browsing in a goldfish bowl. I have an Android phone and I think it provides a good cheaper alternative to the iPhone. I don't have a tablet (yet) but I think it Android would work just as well for that.

    Apple develops beautiful, sexy, desirable products, and I'm sure some of that development finds its way into the more realistic, more affordable products that I buy. And Microsoft does some good stuff, I guess, like Bill Gates' philanthropies. But you know a 'philanthropist' is someone who cheats people out of a billion dollars and then spends a million on charity.

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    I HATE APPLE. REALLY I DO. I USE NONE OF THEIR STUFF. (I'm not saying all their products are bad in themselves, but the way they run as a business and the way they overcharge for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g bothers me.) except itunes when I am given a gift card. but itunes is annoying, I only use it so that gift money doesn't go to waste. I've never actually given apple MY money. and I never will. safari is ugly. I use quicktime only if I have to use it on some website, not by choice. and I use windows for my media player just because I'm too lazy to look for anything better.

    I like using chrome.. I'm using it right now. I only use mozilla if for some reason, a website I'm trying to use doesn't work properly on chrome. but I think chrome is prettier looking. I use an android phone. and I always use google as my search engine. I never heard of the chrome operating system... never knew it existed. I never knew of google drive's existence either. but I don't use that type of thing anyway. the idea of having my documents in the air, like ghosts that follow me, is very strange to me. I'm happy with just using an external hard drive for now.

    internet explorer is dirty. I use a windows computer. I wouldn't mind trying out a windows phone in the future, but I am content with android. (I'm not interested in buying a tablet, but I'd be ok with using anything except apple) I never use bing. I've never used an email that wasn't yahoo, except my email for school - that's with outlook and I guess I don't mind it.. everyone always tells me to use gmail cause it's better at fighting spam, but I think yahoo is easier on the eyes and I've had the same email since I was 10 so I'm just too lazy to switch. but if I had to pick I'd rather have gmail than hotmail.

    I like MS office. I mean that's like the worldwide standard for word processing, isn't it.

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    i have an xbox, android smart phone, and an ipod touch

    cant really tell

    although i coudn't survive without my smartphone for more than an hour

    so i guess google

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