Explain diversity of religious beliefs between arabs, persians and kurds?

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    Religion is faith hence a personal choice. You can find people of any background practicing any religion. Most Arabs, Persians & Kurds are Muslims but you will find Christians, Jews, Atheists and so on. Arya's answer is great!

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    Islam is the common religion of the majority of these three ethnicities. But there are other religions practiced as well and inside Islamic circle there are different diverse branches and sects and idealogies.


    ₪ Are mostly Shias ,who believe in 12 imams (twelvers) .

    ₪ There are a number of Zoroastrians and jews as well (mostly outside Iran).

    ₪ Zoroastrianism although is the religion of a limited number of Iranians officially, yet many aspects of Persian life and culture is affected by it.

    ₪ Some Persians are sufists.

    ₪ There is an unknown number of Persian Bahais and Babists (they are prosecuted inside Iran)


    ₪ Are mostly Sunni (Shafi school)

    ₪ A great number are Shias (mostly in Iran and Turkey)

    ₪ Other beliefs include : Alevis and Yarsanis

    ₪ There are a very limited number of Zoroastrians as well as Jews and Christians among kurds as well.


    ₪ The majority are sunnis mostly of Hanafi and Hanbali branches followed by Shafi's and Malakis.

    ₪ A great number of Arabs (mostly in Iraq, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia) are Shias (twelvers and Zaidis)

    ₪ Some Arabs are Ibadis (mostly in Oman)

    ₪ Many other religious beliefs such as Judaism, Christianity, Bahaism etc are also practiced by relatively a small number of Arabs of different regions with varying prominence.

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    Kurdish Religious Beliefs

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