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Will Mitt Romney be the first president to openly worship Thomas S. Monson, "prophet" of LDS?

How ironic; the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is conveniently given the same status as Jesus Christ.... wow.... will Robme declare himself prophet if he gets to be prez? Well, just reading over it, and apparently there are different denominations of mormons; not sure which one Robme is; anyway, they each have a different guy they claim is the "prophet;" this stuff is simply scary....


this guy's alive right now; a new one will be "discovered" after he dies; what a joke

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  • Yeah, OK. It's scary to you because things that make sense are often scary to people who are dumb.

    Mormons DO NOT worship their prophet. They worship Jesus Christ. The prophet is a man who leads the church, like the Catholic church has a pope.

    When a prophet passes away (he is generally called to be a prophet when he is a very elderly man and remains the prophet for the rest of his life) then he is succeeded by one of his two counselors, or a member of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles (our church is organized as it was in Jesus' day.)

    There is only ONE Mormon church--the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. There are off-shoots that were created when Joseph Smith died and various other people WANTED to be the next prophet--we believe that the prophet is called by God. (You can't just appoint yourself as prophet--that would be selfish and arrogant.) Nevertheless, the other people who get called "Mormons" don't actually call themselves Mormons. They use the Book of Mormon as their scripture, but that's about all the association that they have with us.

    Our church is a church of checks and balances, and it is very organized. I fail to see what is so scary about that.

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    wow...your fingers have revealed your ignorance.

    Do some more reading. The link you provided doesn't say anything about worshipping the prophet. The article also describes the process in which the prophet is chosen. You must have missed that part because Romney isn't an apostle....therefore...he won't be a prophet and he can't declare himself to be it even if he is president.

    it's simply scary how you didn't understand the very link that you posted.

  • Neerp
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    You spend five minutes on wikipedia, think you are an expert, and then come here to display your ignorance for all to see. That, my friend, is scary. It scares me that they let people like you use the Internet. It scares that people like you contaminate the gene pool.

    Mormons (like Romney) do not worship the prophet. The Church is not given the status of Jesus. I don't think that you got even one thing right in your...was that a question? Yeah...I'm not even sure what, if anything, you are asking. Well, good luck with that.

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    i did not have the exhilaration of attending this specific ward which you're describing, yet I did attend a DC ward for the period of roughly 9 months. you're perfect--it quite is totally distinctive. We did have numerous African people, and numerous South American people (for a at the same time as, it looked that 0.5 the congregation wore a translation head-set at the same time as in sacrament assembly.) We had numerous rich white individuals, too. and numerous unfavourable individuals. i replaced right into a nursery worker in that ward (a very worthwhile journey) and nil.5 the toddlers in my classification did not talk English--apart from a pair of little sisters from England. i don't understand what your question is. Are you thinking that Romney won't be able to attend to attending a ward like this? i'm helpful he already has.

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    1. the LDS do not "worship" a prophet

    2. God declares who is His prophet - not romney

    3. God has always communicated w/His children thru His prophet on the earth. Why would that change?

  • 7 years ago

    NO one worships the prophet.

    NO one can have the same status as the son of God, since there was only one. No one else saved humanity from their sins. NO one else lived a perfect and sinless life.

    You are the joke, my friend.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't know of anyone that does worship Thomas S Monson.

  • 7 years ago

    What does his religion have to do with whether or not he can be a good leader?

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Very enlightening. Not only are you a bigot, but extraordinarily ignorant. Congrats.

  • Gunny
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    NO--because Mitty will not be President, so no worries....

    Source(s): rob-me & ruin 1812
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