Room design ideas? GIRLS!?

im 14. have two ideas semi-beachy or classic fancy. what should i add and do to style my room? cost doesnt matter. I can do anything i want - paint included.

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    8 years ago
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    Hi Hannah, here are my ideas:

    1) Start with an idea of colours and go from there. I always think clean white walls look god because they are modern and go with anything... then you add in some colours you like. Check out this room here with white walls:

    2) OR a black wall is kind of awesome too.... have a look at Designer's Guild black 'crayon' walls like in this tween room here:

    2) If money doesn't matter, try one of these garlands on the wall from confetti system - they are super fun and would look great over a desk:

    3) Get a large or fun shaped mirror on one wall - this makes the room seem larger at the same time as decorating the wall. If you like the classic fancy look, how about something like this: or this: (they still go with the modern look too)

    4) Add some coloured and black accessories and - like a chandelier (you can get them from Ikea and Urban Outfitters - some are cool colours too) - and chevron print pillows.

    4) Get some cheap white picture frames from ikea and make a gallery-wall with a mixture of pictures or posters. Some black & white photos would be cool too. Here's an idea of a gallery wall you could follow:

    Hope that helps!


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    8 years ago

    Bamboo floors.

    A chandelier like this one is beach y ish but still fancy. I'd definitely go with the white so it feels more grown up. Lighting isn't cheap or an easy switch.

    Sheer white curtains.

    A fluffy white rug.

    A white comforter & sea colors throw pillows & sheets.

    Anything that's wood should be painted white.

    Try Pinterest for some ideas. There's LOTS on there!

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  • 8 years ago

    Semibeachy? I am gonna describe full beach because I have no clue how beachy you want it. Aqua walls, a sand colored hardwood floor, a very bright bedset, a beach towel as an area rug, and then decorate the rest with furniture and storage in a rainbow scheme. Why I would go so colorful is because of all the swimsuits. Classic fancy. Ballet pink walls, a crystal chandelier, dark wood floors, elegant black and white bedset, and a big white area rug, but make sure the dark flooring is still visible. For the rest of your furniture, decoration, and storage, stick with ballet pink, white, very dark brown, black, and silver/sparkles. Very pretty idea.

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  • 8 years ago

    Indoor Christmas lights (white ones are pretty cool), bedding with lots of cool pillows to match your theme, and if you have all white or all solid coloured walls, it looks nice to have one wall with pretty wallpaper. And if there's a phrase that means a lot to you (i.e, hakuna matata, c'est la vie, or a song lyric or movie quote or something special) then get a bunch of magazines or cool paper and cut letters out of different pages and tape the phrase to the wall above your bed. Hope this helped! Have fun and be creative

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