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peaceful carnivorous fish?

are there any peaceful carnivorous freshwater fish?

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    Most fish are actually carnivores.

    Neon tetras, guppies, betta etc. Of course they eat small things like mosquito larvae and bloodworms.

    Then you can move up to things like Angelfish and gourami. Again they are predatory, but only towards very small fish.

    Various larger cichlids are also really not that aggressive, but you can't keep them with small fish that might fit in their mouth. Oscars for instance can live with a lot of larger community fish like plecos, tinfoil barbs, clown loaches etc. Peaceful "community" fish, just make sure they can't fit in the Oscar's mouth.


  • Robert
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    8 years ago

    There are three that immediately come to mind. Oscars are very good community fish with fish too big for them to eat. They are not bullyish or overly territorial except when mating. The Red Snook, a beautiful cichlid gets 15 inches long (most for sale are much smaller), but is completely peaceful with fish it can't swallow. The same can be said for the Arowana.

    In the salt water world, Lionfish only eat other live fish, but will not bother fish half their size, or any fish they don't think they can swallow.

    There are a fair number of others, but these three are well known, and the Snook anf Arowana are as peaceful as tetras as long as they are not eating.

    Source(s): Robert Price, Phd, Ichthyology, board of directors, Brooklyn Aquarium Society
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