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Washington DC, I need your advice!?

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Washington DC. We are driving and we are about 6-8 hours away. We'd like to keep the trip relatively cheap, so if anyone has any advice on where we could stay, eat, see, etc. Anywhere cool? We're obviously going to the major points of interest (Smithsonian, holocaust museum, aquarium, etc).

We're planning on going some time in October.

Also, where are the bad parts of DC? Anywhere where we should definitely avoid?

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    find a hotel on or near a Metro station as there is ZERO parking along the Mall. just train it in.

    the Aquarium is in BALTIMORE. about 90 minutes outside of DC depending on traffic.

    all the Smithsonian Museums are free as is the National Zoo. all the monuments on the Mall are as well,

    I am partial to the Navy Memorial for something just off the Mall.

  • Mika
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    As you probably know, there are a ton of free things to do in Washington DC. If you don't want to pay for a lot of expensive parking, park far away and take the Metro. The prices are really reasonable (compared to parking anyway) and the system is nice, especially Union Station. Also expect to do a lot of walking. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a backpack with water bottles (there are some fountains scattered around where you can refill them). Depending on how much time you have, the attractions around the mall can probably occupy you for the entire trip. Personally, my boyfriend and I liked the Natural History Museum, the Air and Space Museum, the Botanic Gardens, and the various sculpture gardens. There's also the Washington Monument, Capital Hill and of course the White House. I recommend stopping by the main Smithsonian building first (looks like a castle) and getting a map, or finding one online beforehand. You can check out these websites for more ideas:

    These are some cheap hotels in DC: The problem with cheap lodging in DC is it's very popular. You may need reservations a year in advance at some places. Alternatively, consider staying pretty far away from DC and taking the Metro in.

    You probably won't be able to find any "bad" parts of DC. The main areas are very nice, and you'll probably be too tired to walk any farther than that or stay out until the middle of the night.

    These are some cheap places to eat but again, that tends to make them pretty popular. Try to eat a large breakfast before you head out for the day and get out of DC in the evening for dinner.

    Have a great trip!

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    Jessica, Washington DC is an awesome city. First, Google DC Metro, this is the train/subway system the runs through DC and slightly outside the Beltway (Interstate that runs in a big circle around DC). Hotels IN DC are expensive but they are cheaper outside the city. Make sure you get a hotel near a DC Metro rail station. It is about $12 per person per day to ride the train/subway unlimited and this thing will be all the transportation you will need to make it around DC.

    Holocaust Mus. is a must see. Get there early so you can get a "guided tour" since this is where everything worth seeing is located. The tour will take about 3 hours but it is well worth it. Caution- some material might not be appropriate for children. Also, it is very graphic so use discretion.

    Congress: Make sure you book your tour online at the Capitol website before you arrive so you can see around Congress. If you are wanting to see the actual rooms where the Senate and House meet you will need to contact YOUR Congressman or Senator to arrange a tour. It might take a few weeks to get a booked slot.

    White House- You will need to make arrangements for this tour via the White House website since security is tight.

    Supreme Court- This is open to the public and you can actually go inside the Court room. When you arrive look for the big statute of Chief Justice Marshal and there will be a desk across from him- this is where you get the tickets for the tour.

    Smithsonian- This IS NOT one museum. There are like 8 buildings. For example, there is a building for the American History Museum, one for Air and Space, etc. You could easily spend an entire week or two in the museums alone.

    Memorials- To get to the Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Dr. King Memorial, Korean War Memorial and everything nearby you will need to walk from Congress across the mall (next to the reflecting pool that connects the Washington Monument to the Lincoln) to get there and it is quite a walk- so wear good shoes.

    OKAY, two places to eat: FIRST- the road that Supreme Court is on there is restaurant rumored to be enjoyed by many presidents. I don't remember the name but the food was great. If you are standing on the steps of the Supreme Court looking towards the Capitol make a left onto the road and walk PAST the Library of Congress and up ahead about 300 yards you will see a Subway Restaurant. This restaurant is right there and there will be apartments across the street. Awesome food. ALSO, another place to eat is located near the Post Office Stop of the Metro and the Post Office building. You will be in a HUGE courtyard and there will be a staircase to go down into the post office stop for Metro. Right at the top of the stairs you will see this pizza place, there will probably be a band set up in the courtyard and hundreds of tables. The pizza Plaza is awesome.

    TIPS: Wear great shoes. PAY FOR THE ALL DAY PASS TO METRO DC. There are armed police at every building in DC and you will go through security and metal detectors to enter most buildings.

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    As for the bad parts of DC; when I lived there in the 90's anything past 14th Street was a gamble. Going up to the Capitol or Library of Congress, you had to be careful; take the wrong street and you could end up with a throat full of lead. But, I hear that DC has changed a lot since the crack head mayor was finally run out of town. If you're looking for places to hang out and party, go to 18th Street in Adams Morgan.

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    October is great. The weather is cool. However, it could rain, so plan.

    Any bad areas? Oh Yea. Stay in the main areas where everything is and you shouldn't have a problem.

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    if you want someplace cheap in the city try the Hostel

    HI DC

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