Why are cities in Europe all very narrow streets and tall old buildings except the UK?

Just about every European city in Europe like France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece etc seem to be all very tall buildings and streets so narrow that you can almost jump from one side to the other (and somehow this is suppose to make it very romantic especially when folk music is played), this is no criticism, I just wondered what the fascination is with having their streets so narrow?

Also, why do so many people from around the world visit these places so much, it seems to be that the more romantic the theme of the place is, the more it attracts them, are people that interested in love nowadays? Like I said, no criticism and only curiosity because people say that Europe is similar to the US, its nothing like America, even England is somewhat different.

Thank you for all your answers, all very much appreciated

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  • frake
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    nicely, i will purely remark on Glasgow (my abode city). They initially had an ordinance restricting the top of homes via fact of hearth policies. The council additionally argued that very tall homes could be out of conserving with Glasgow's classic shape which purely went as much as approximately 8 memories or so. it incredibly is all somewhat abnormal because they outfitted dozens of 20+ storey eyesores for the time of the Sixties. besides, those rules now seem to have been quietly dropped. the typical top of homes is slowly increasing and there are numerous 30 or 40 storey homes under layout or shape interior the city centre.

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