Stanford stressful...?

Is Stanford stressful if you're majoring in the sciences?

If you go or have graduated from there, please answer/ explain briefly, and I'll choose you as the best answer! Thanks so much!

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    Stress is very individualized. Some students at Stanford emotionally unravel from the stress they experience, and others feel fortified by the challenges. There are science majors who buckle under the weight of pressure, and science majors who thrive in the fast-paced, demanding atmosphere. If you're admitted to Stanford you most likely have the intellectual ability to succeed there, but you'll have to learn to adapt to a very different learning and living environment than what you're most likely accustomed to after high school. Like all college students, we have to acclimate to living in a communal setting like a dorm or one of the student houses, and to adjust to having a schedule that isn't as consistent on a daily basis as it is in high school. At Stanford you also have to deal with the quarter system, which in the opinion of many is a harder academic term than semesters. Since the classes meet for a shorter duration in the quarter system, material is covered much more rapidly. It also means that the deadlines for your assignments are smushed much closer together. Last quarter I had ginormous papers (one was 42 pages and the other was 52) due for two of my classes on the same day, and a test the next. Yeah, I was stressed. Efficient time management is absolutely crucial at Stanford regardless of your major. We also don't have as much down time between the winter and spring terms. College students on the semester system generally are in school from late August through early-to-mid December and then have a three-week or month-long break before the spring semester begins in January. They get a week-long spring break, and then their semester wraps up in early May. At Stanford the fall quarter runs from late September until just before Christmas, and the winter quarter commences in early January. We only have one week between the winter and spring quarters, and summer break doesn't begin until mid-June. Many majors require that you spend at least one summer quarter doing academic research, interning, or fulfilling other specific requirements.

    Some of the science majors are more intense and elite than others. Chemical engineering and electrical engineering are considered to have the highest degree of difficulty, but that's subjective. Physics and Chem are also exceptionally demanding majors. I'm not a natural science major, but I am double majoring in psychology (with a specialization in neuroscience) and political science, and my workload is heavy.

    I hope this is helpful.

    ~ skylark : )

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    I haven't been to Stanford but I know much about it. You already know it is one of the most selective schools in the country. They don't accept anyone because only few people could adapt to the life there.

    You will be very busy and you need to study more than you have ever imagined. I am not letting you down but you need to know that it is not easy. Science , especially physics, is very hard. So take the hardest classes and do well in them.

    This link may provide help.

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