WWEA Raw come rate the show?

Uniduspted WWEA World Heavyweight champ Shawn Michaels

Intertcontinental Champ Kane

WWEA Unified Tag team champions Team 3D

Women's Champion Mickie James

Raw intro plays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W_1T5A0PRc

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Stephanie McMahon stands in the ring with a mic"as chairmen of the board i have a responsibility to keep this show in order but also make good decisions that is why tonight every match is contested under a different stipulation tonight also in the main event the Unified tag team champs Team 3D defend their titles a fatal four way ladder match to Motor City Machiene Guns, Beer Money and The British Invasion also Orton, Kazarian, Daniels Aries the four of you will be in a Elimination tag team match your oppoenets Samoa Joe, MVP, Mr Anderson and AJ Styles one more thing tonight Shawn Michaels will team with Christian yes he is healed up now to take on CM Punk and John Cena in a Extreme Rules match and Hunter you get involved you will be suspended indefintely right now lets kick things off with Evan Bourne vs Sheamus Falls Count Anywhere

Match 1. Evan Bourne vs Sheamus{falls Count Anywhere}

Sheamus won after a Celtic Cross off the raw stage onto the steel near the entrance

John Cena is backstage when HHH and Punk approach him

Punk"Cena do me a favor stay out of my way tonight let me have HBK you have Christian neither of us will have problems

Cena"Punk i never liked you and i never will so the way i see it its not a tag team match if you get your @ss beat don't expect me to save you your on your own tonight CM Punk"Cena walks away

Match 2. Bobby Lashley vs Kofi Kingstons

Bobby won after a running dominator, after though Lensar and Heyman makes an appearnce and gives Lashley an F5 Paul Heyman has a mic"Lashley your looking at the pain Brock Lensar who will destroy you at Summerslam Brock wants yor answer next week

Match 3. Mickie James{with Taylor Wilde} vs Velvet Sky Street Fight non title

Mickie won after a DDT on a trash can

Match 4. Randy Orton, Kazarian, Austian Aries and Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe, MVP, Mr Anderson and AJ Styles{elimination match

the 2 left standing in the ring is Styles and Orton, as styles goes for the Styles Clash Kazarian gets in and nails AJ with a chair shot which instead hits Orton Styles does the Styles Clash for the win , Orton is pissed at Kazarian as he RKO's Kazarian, after though Orton and Styles is made for Summerslam but what does this mean for Kazarian? is he kicked out"

Match 5.Unified Tag Team Championship fatal four way ladder match Team 3D{C} vs Motor City Machiene Guns vs Beer Money vs The British Invasion

Winners and NEW Undisupted Tag Team Champions Motor City Machien Guns after Alex Shelly grabbed the tag titles

Main Event John Cena and CM Punk vs Shawn Michaels and Christian Extreme Rules Match

Cena and Punk won after, Punk put Michaels through a table via moonsault, Cena gave Christian a powerbomb through 2 set up tables off the top rope but after Cena nails Punk with a chair shot, Michaels recovers and recieves one as well, Cena unloading on everybody as his music plays to end the show

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    Promo 1-8/10

    Match 1-8/10

    Promo 2-7.5/10

    Match 2-7.5/10

    Post Match-9/10

    Match 3-8/10

    Match 4-8/10

    Post Match-9/10

    Match 5-10/10

    Main Event-7.5/10

    Post Match-7.5/10

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