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Why is FOX News contributor Mark Sanford in Argentina proposing to his mistress instead of covering the RNC?

Now is the time for All Good men to come to the aid of their Party!

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    Mark Sanford hasn't been a Fox News contributor for quite some time. If Mark Sanford, who is no longer employed by the government of SC or any state, wants to marry his former mistress its no concern of mine. Here's the list of CURRENT FNC contributors. (Good attempt at a total lie however)

    Alicia Acuna

    Dr. Manny Alvarez

    Jim Angle

    David Asman

    Bret Baier

    Julie Banderas

    Fred Barnes

    Michael Barone

    Evan Bayh

    Bob Beckel

    Jeff Birnbaum

    Eric Bolling

    Shannon Bream

    Dave Briggs

    Steve Brown

    Patti Ann Browne

    Brenda Buttner

    Carl Cameron

    Alisyn Camerota

    Gretchen Carlson

    Cheryl Casone

    Neil Cavuto

    Steve Centanni

    Linda Chavez

    Heather Childers

    Jamie Colby

    Alan Colmes

    Claudia Cowan

    Bill Cowan

    Monica Crowley

    Alfonse D'Amato

    Janice Dean

    Peter Doocy

    Steve Doocy

    Ainsley Earhardt

    Nina Easton

    Mike Emanuel

    Susan Estrich

    Harris Faulkner

    Rick Folbaum

    Mark Fuhrman

    Jim Hammer

    Sean Hannity

    Steve Harrigan

    Bill Hemmer

    Ellis Henican

    Molly Henneberg

    Ed Henry

    Catherine Herridge

    Adam Housley

    Mike Gallagher

    Trace Gallagher

    John Gibson

    Paul Gigot

    Wendell Goler

    Lauren Green

    Jennifer Griffin

    Kimberly Guilfoyle

    Greg Gutfeld

    Martha MacCallum

    Michelle Malkin

    Robert Massi

    Dagen McDowell

    Angela McGlowan

    General McInerney

    Doug McKelway

    David Lee Miller

    Maria Molina

    Father Jonathan Morris

    Clayton Morris

    Deroy Murdock

    Andrew P. Napolitano

    Captain Chuck Nash

    Heather Nauert

    Arthel Neville

    Oliver L. North

    Bill O'Reilly

    Greg Palkot

    Uma Pemmaraju

    Dana Perino

    Dr. Walid Phares

    Jim Pinkerton

    Jeanine Pirro

    Conor Powell

    Mike Huckabee

    Juliet Huddy

    Brit Hume

    Colonel David Hunt

    Jonathan Hunt

    Laura Ingle

    Santita Jackson

    Gregg Jarrett

    William La Jeunesse

    Peter J. Johnson, Jr.

    Phil Keating

    Amy Kellogg

    Megyn Kelly

    Douglas Kennedy

    Brian Kilmeade

    Sally Kohn

    Morton Kondracke

    Anna Kooiman

    William Kristol

    Adam Lashinsky

    Jenna Lee

    Rick Leventhal

    Mara Liasson

    Molly Line

    Marianne Rafferty

    Ellen Ratner

    Rick Reichmuth

    Sandy Rios

    Geraldo Rivera

    John Roberts

    James Rosen

    Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D.

    Karl Rove

    Dr. David B. Samadi

    Bill Sammon

    Gen. Dr. Robert Scales

    Jon Scott

    Jonathan Serrie

    John Shadegg

    Eric Shawn

    Dr. Marc Siegel

    Gary B. Smith

    Tobin Smith

    Shepard Smith

    Dan Springer

    Casey Stegall

    Greta Van Susteren

    Andrea Tantaros

    Cal Thomas

    Michael Tobin

    Liz Trotta

    Stuart Varney

    Leland Vittert

    Anita Vogel

    Chris Wallace

    Rod Wheeler

    Lis Wiehl

    Juan Williams

    Georgia Witkin

    Kelly Wright

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  • jang
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    3 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I have no idea. I didn't even know he was a commentator on F*x noise.

    It looks he's replacing a hike up the Appalachian trail with a hike up the wedding isle.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Oh really, says the people with John Edwards and Bill Clinton in their party...


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  • mom
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    7 years ago

    I think Mistress says it all. The morals of the Republican party. They sure pushed him and didn't let it slip during the race to be candidate, did they.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hes not exclusive in not prioritizing screw ups.

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