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Hi-- I am looking to get a nose piercing- a tiny stud bc of my job. ++?

Will they be able to pierce with a small stud? Or is there a stand gauge of post or hoop they need to use? I am leaning towards a small amethyst, a blur topaz, or a small opal if possible- pinions please? Also, I live in the Southeaster PA (near Reading), and I do not want to drive fro that 29 minuntes:noth toward Fleetwood < or south toward Pottstown > Kutztown is a bit further but I would be wiling to go there if someone recs a a hop(s) there. Thanks in Advance!



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    The standard size for a nostril piercing is between 18g and 14g. A normal stud type earring is 18g or 20g, both are tiny, compared to the 16-12g piercings. Most shops should be able to pierce your nostril at an 18g. You'll even pick your jewelry before you get the piercing, and they'll run it through the autoclave if it's not already been sterilized. It's best to pick your jewelry at the shop, and it will be included in the price of your piercing at most places.

    Source(s): Working at a tattoo and piercing studios.
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