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Heat/weather in Boston in June?

So I'm going to Boston next June and was wondering what the weather is like around that time like how hot or humid it is? I'm from Ireland and as most people know the weather here is **** always raining and cold so I'm going to fricking die in the heat over there if it's going be like ridiculously hot so roughly/normally how hot is it in start/mid june? and whats the best things to do there in the summer? bars and clubs are out cause i'm 19

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    it will likely he warm and humid

    average high is about 80 F

    and average low is about 60 F

    expect about 3.5 inches of rain per month

    however, these are just averages, there is great variation in New England weather, It could be 100F or only reach 65 and rain the whole time

    the only thing you can count on is humidity. The air usually has some humidity to it, if not lots

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    June temperatures are wildly variable. They are usually in the 60s but can go as low as the upper 50s or as high as the upper 80s. Makes it tricky to know how to pack. June often has a lot of rain...but probably not as much as Ireland. Generally not that humid. Ocean temperatures are usualy too cold for swimming. Boston's massive student population has typically moved out. (Reducing "hipster" activities and improving the parking situation).

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