How much does she like me 1-100?

I'm a guy she's a girl. I am physically attracted too her. But don't wanna really go out with her. We have been friends for about 11 years. We have 2 classes together in high school. She sent to me a super sweet message on my bday which was last month. :) and we talk a lot in school. But she never seems to respond to my texts. She does cheer and soccer so she's pretty busy. Do u think she is ignoring me? And I have been over to her house. She has told me I'm one of her best friends. But that was about 6 months ago. From what I've told u do u think we still are? The yesterday I texted her "I'm glad youre one of my best friends. :) (just thought i would let you know) " she said "Aww thanks same here:)" yesterday I texted her "Am I still one of your best friends? Honestly jw cuz we don't talk as much as we used to" she said "Yes you are, i've just been really stressed out lately and I just haven't been a good friend"

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well if u dont want to go out with her and only like her physically, then just keep the relationship how it is now. It does kinda sounds like she may like u, but more on the friend side so im not sure how to rate this. Lol

    If u wanna show her that u like her, just show her u ccare by asking her wat she's stressing about. Be open-minded and me the awesome friend u are ;) goodluck :)

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