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does the pharmaceutical industry own FDA?

I am disappointed with the fact that generic medications can have 3 digit price too. I was expecting that after the patent of the medication expires, generics will be cheap. For example, there is a very popular medication named Lipitor which I take for cholesterol. I went to CVS for the generic version of astrovastatin. The clerk at the CVS said the cost is 115 dollars. I told him its generic and he said that is right. I could afford to buy it but didn't. I then went to doctor's office and he gave me one month supply of lipitor for free. I have a very generous doctor who gives medication samples to me always for advair (expensive asthma medication) and lipitor. If it wasn't for such type of doctor, i would be very disappointed paying such big prices. Patent expired for advair too but still too expensive. Same thing with lexapro. The fact that patent expiry brings no change in generic prices, makes it appear that the FDA is in the pocket of big pharma?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You should be glad that the Pharma industry doesn't own the FDA. That would be a recipe for disaster. Can you imagine what would happen if the pharma companies owned the FDA? Dangerous drugs would get approved and people would die.

    The reason that drugs cost so much is the cost of clinical trials. A typical clinical trial can cost as much as $300 million. The Pharma company then has to turn a profit in just a few years. Most of the time the pharma company patents the drug and starts trials. It can take up to 10 years to get a drug passed the FDA. Then there is only 8 year left to market and sell the drug.

    Once the drug comes off patent the generic company can start to manufacture and market the drug. There is research and development cost for the generic drug company and then the company also has manufacturing cost and marketing cost. The generic drug company doesn't have the development costs and the cost of the clinical trials that the pharma company had but they still need to make a profit.

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  • 8 years ago

    The Doctors are in with big pharma to.Drug companies come and "lobby"if you will to the Doctors.That is how you get those free samples.Big Pharma comes down and gives them a big schmooze. brings catered meals.Leaves candy and peanuts.And all the Doctor has to do is sit there and listen and get kickbacks.People wonder why anything medical cost so much.It starts right at the source.

    Source(s): Work in health care.
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  • 4 years ago

    and when our president calls for health care reform,the people believe the lies of the politicians as the have government run heath care,which is guaranteed for life.that's right the congressmen who told you that the presidents heath care reform was bad,are the beneficiaries of just such a plan,for life.and the public believes there lies about death panels,and all the crazy things they could make up to scare the public.just find a health care professional and they will tell you that the insurance companies are behind this whole pack of lies as they make billions.Obama tries to improve our lives as Johnson did with medicare,and he is ridiculed.when,in the thirties social security was put into law and called communism.the g.i. bill helped an entire generation get through collage and raise a family as the middle class came into being.if we look at the recovery of this nations previous troubles,we see the solutions

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