Has Jennifer Hawkins been rude to Dannii Minogue seeing she did steal her ex boyfriend Kris Smith?

When I found out news on her stealing him from Dannii just because the two work together then them hanging out where it turned out into Jen flirting with him where she ruined Dannii's relationship with him where it was spoilt by her if she would have been rude it would have said I know. So I'm just asking just in case they kept it private and didn't go there when writing publishing about the incident where they didn't put it in. But I know that didnt happen and I know it would have said if it would have so No. But I'm thinking she might have been rude to Dannii because she's not nice where they didn't go into detail with that where I think it might have just cos she's not nice and didn't do the right thing. So no it didn't happen. But I wonder and think it might have. Only cos she's a *****.

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    9 years ago
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    I think it was other reasons that split them up. Primarily that Dannii is a workaholic and her career comes first, it's been at the expense of her personal life. Kylie is the same. I really have no opinion either way about Jennifer Hawkins.

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