How old do you have to be to become a firefighter in New York State?

I don't want to work in NYC, and I've asked my dad who is a firefighter. He's pretty sure that it's 18. Does it depend on with district/department you work in? Or is there a set age? Thanks..

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    If you decide you’ve got what it takes to do this, are there any requirements you have to meet in order to apply?

    BG: You do need to meet a minimum age requirement. A lot of departments require you to be at least 21, although there is no universal age standard. There isn’t much opportunity to be a career firefighter right out of high school, which is why the first step for someone at that age considering this as a career is to go to college. That can eventually give you a quantifiable advantage over someone who didn’t go.

    What’s the best way to find out what a particular department is going to require?

    BG: There’s no central clearinghouse for this, unfortunately. So you should first pick the community you want to be in. You have to decide where you want to be and pursue it from there. Then call that local fire department or go on their website to find the information

    You may find meaning previously lacking in your work and your life, and you may also find a career. For more information on how to become a volunteer firefighter, call 1-800-FIRE-LINE or your local volunteer fire department. For more information about the volunteer fire service, visit

    One of the most successful programs to bolster emergency services is rooted in recruiting young volunteers. Fire Reserves are those volunteers between the ages of 16 to 18. It may suprise you to learn that even those 14 to 16 years old can volunteer to join the Cadet Corps. Check to see if your local fire department offers either or both of these options.

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  • Rob
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    google the fire department u want to work for.

    as minimums vary.

    as for 18 not likely cause u have to meet other

    educational skills b4 applying.

    19 at earliest.

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