Is the "parties flip-flopped" explanation a myth?

In my studies, I've come across evidence that contradicts the theory that Modern Democrats would have been Republicans and vice versa. Republicans like to think that Truman and JFK would be Republicans if they were still alive, but evidence to the contrary can be found in their quotes. Both supported big government and both advocated universal healthcare. Also, Republicans deny that LBJ is a conservative. But after he became president, a lot of his policies were policies that JFK wanted to launch before he was killed. LBJ carried on JFK's legacy.

Furthermore, I've learned that the rift between both parties wasn't about liberalism vs. conservatism, but about state's rights. The South, which was mostly Democratic voters, felt that state's rights were being threatened. After the Civil War ended, the Democratic Party became more passionate about protecting civil rights than the Republican Party was. It is the anti-segregation laws that LBJ enacted during his presidency that caused the South to defect to the other party. Indeed, if John Wilkes Booth were alive today, he would no doubt be called a far-left socialist rather than a neocon.

Today, the Republican Party hides behind a false agenda of "limited government," but both parties favor big government. Because of this, the Republican Party's message resonates more with voters in the South. Because some Southern voters have just become so gullible that they can't see the bigger picture. Of course, this is just my opinion, so don't take offense to it.

What do you think? Is the parties switching places theory a load of crap? Please give your full, honest opinion and try to back it up with as much evidence as possible.


Your point is moot. Most of the people you listed were only pro-segregationist in their early years. By the time they retired from politics, they were supporters of civil rights and had rescinded their earlier statements. They even endorsed black politicians and got the black vote. It dispels the myth that the only reason blacks switched parties was because LBJ "bought" their votes with welfare, because most Southern Democrats like you said opposed the passage of the Civil Rights Act, so I firmly believe that LBJ was a freedom fighter who was passionate about protecting civil rights.

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    For 100 years, the Republicans fought for the freedom and equality of blacks. Lincoln was a Republican, and he won the freedom from slavery for blacks. After the Civil War, Republicans enacted the Fourteenth Amendment to protect the rights of freed slaves. In 1957, Eisenhower sent the U.S. Army to Little Rock to force Democrat Governor Orval Fabus to desegregate the schools.

    All of the racist bigots became Democrats after the Civil War because Lincoln was a Republican. For 100 years, Democrats were the ones who lynched blacks and made laws against blacks. Democrats formed the KKK and established segregation. Democrats fillibustered and defeated Republican anti-lynching bills in 1922 and 1938. Democrats continued to fillibuster civil rights legislation throughout the 1960's.

    That's why most blacks were Republicans until the Democrats bought their votes with welfare in 1964.

    But even though the blacks switched parties in 1964, most racist bigots did not.

    How many pre-1964 southern racist Democrat bigots did NOT join the Republican party after 1964?

    Orval Fabus

    Benjamin Travis Laney

    John Stennis

    James Eastland

    Allen Ellender

    Russell Long

    John Sparkman

    John McClellan

    Richard Russell

    Herman Talmadge

    George Wallace

    Lester Maddox

    John Rarick

    Robert Byrd

    Al Gore, Sr.

    Bull Connor

    In fact, it seems that MOST of the Dixiecrats did NOT join the Republican party, even though many of them lived long past 1964.

    Only a very FEW of them switched to the GOP, such as Strom Thurmond and Mills Godwin.

    And as we all know by now, the LAST admitted former KKK member in Congress was DemoKKKrat Robert Byrd, a former KKK Kleagle, a recruiter who persuaded people to join the KKK. He fillibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    So where do we get this myth that "most" of the southern racist Democrats switched to the Republican party after 1964?

    Is it a myth?

    Or just another Democrat LIE?

    Dixiecrat: Encyclopedia II - Dixiecrat - Notable members

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    (D)WV Robert C. Byrd, 1959-2010

    (D)MS John C. Stennis, 1947-1989

    (D)MS James O. Eastland, 1941-1941,1943-1978

    (D)LA Allen J. Ellender, 1937-1972

    (D)LA Russell B. Long, 1948-1987

    (D)NC Sam Ervin, 1954-1974

    (D)NC Everett Jordan, 1958-1973

    (R)NC Jesse Helms, 1973-2003

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    Leander Perez, Louisiana political "leader"

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    Urban Legends: The Dixiecrats and The GOP

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    "of the 26 known Dixiecrats (5 governors and 21 senators) only three ever became republicans: Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms and Mills E. Godwind, Jr. "

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