UPS? What should I do?

UPS? What should I do?

I have nearly $700 worth of fragile computer parts coming all the way from as far as Cali and i live in NYC. My computer case just arrived in a station notorious for horrible customer service and the drivers dont even ring your bell most of the time. the UPS station is in maspeth NY just look at the reviews. Should i literally sit outside my door the whole day and wait for my case so they dont just drive off without even ringing? What im most worried about is if my actual hardware like motherboards and hard drives might come broken and such. What should i do!?

Just look at the reviews :

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  • 9 years ago
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    Wow, and I thought USPS (the Post Office) was bad...unbelievable. You definitely have a point, yes, I'd sit outside the door the whole day too...

    I once had a problem similar to yours. The UPS tracking said the item was delivered, put I checked my porch and it was nowhere to be found. It turns out, my neighbor tells me that he saw the UPS driver throw the package over my backyard fence, and it landed behind some shrubs. Well atleast it didn't get stolen.

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    9 years ago

    If they get broken from shipping then you should get a refund obviously. Depending who you ordered them from they should package it very good. Newegg package my stuff very well. They always do. I wouldn't worry too much. Sure you can sit at your door if it make you feel any better. Maybe help the ups drive carry your parts.

    Source(s): Seeing you said cali. Newegg packages stuff great!!! dont worry. Unless your ups drive throws it out of his moving van then get a hammer smashes the shit out of it.
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