UPS? What should I do?

I have nearly $700 worth of fragile computer parts coming all the way from as far as Cali and i live in NYC. My computer case just arrived in a station notorious for horrible customer service and the drivers dont even ring your bell most of the time. the UPS station is in maspeth NY just look at the reviews. Should i literally sit outside my door the whole day and wait for my case so they dont just drive off without even ringing? What im most worried about is if my actual hardware like motherboards and hard drives might come broken and such. What should i do!?

Just look at the reviews :

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  • 9 years ago

    I read that there were lots of thefts. If you put insurance on you package for $700, if it is "misplaced" they will refund you the $700 dollars. (Or if you believe it will get misplaced you could always insure it for more and make a buck for the inconvenience) . The thing is if the computer is broken they aren't reliable because they don't know the state it was packaged in. You could always have it sent to a friends house, or possibly your work. Or call the post office and ask for you to pick it up from the station.

    Good luck!!

  • Kerry
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    9 years ago

    you gave no special shipping instructions to the vendor that sent it so ups will

    treat it as a normal pkg...they are not required to ring a bell...they can leave a

    pkg in a place/area if they feel it is 'ok'......

    you can call teh 800 # w/the trking number and express your concerns..they can pass

    along to the driver and even ask if he know anticipated eta....

    if items were damaged, the std carton coverage w/out extra ins. coverage paid on it

    is 100. the vendor/shipper is the one that should've declared ins. coverage on the

    box at time of shipment; if they didnt, then you'll have a problem. in lack of coverage.

    did the vendor insure it? or just give it to them ......have to find out

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