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Anonymous asked in SportsBoxing · 8 years ago

How to beat Floyd Mayweather = Watch Jones Jr vs James Toney Highlights.?

James Toney fights with the exact same mentality as Floyd Mayweather Jr. They both came from the same place and everything. Watch and tell me what you think? You need a good left hook uppercut and an overhand right like jones to beat Mayweather. Toney's style had no escape for jones jr.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Dude, you realize that RJJ is his own fighter, and one of the most freakishly athletic and talented guys ever?

    You can't just be like, "fight like RJJ and you can beat Floyd!!". Nobody can fight like a prime Roy, except for one person. Who you ask? Ummm.....maybe ROY JONES JR.

    Also, you're way off base with your Toney/Mayweather comparison. They're technical, both shoulder roll, and both are from Michigan. That's basically where the comparison's should stop.

    Floyd is more technical than Toney. His defense is levels above Toney. His reflexes and speed are light years ahead of Toney. Not to mention Floyd has a more versatile offense, and can set things up in many different ways than just a shoulder roll.

    Really, Mayweather shoulder rolls more for defense, and will counter back if the opportunity is there. Toney is always looking to throw right hands off the shoulder roll, whether it's there or not.

    Toney primarily works off the shoulder roll. Floyd does shoulder roll, but not even close to all the time. I've seen Floyd pull counter more than he shoulder rolls.

    RJJ owned Toney, it may have been his career best performance. But don't get it twisted. Just b/c a guy like Toney and a guy like Floyd have a few of the same qualities, doesn't come close to meaning the same type of style can beat them or they're the same fighter. They're two totally different fighters when it comes to the details, especially the small details, which could matter the most.

    Plus, like I said before.You're saying beating Floyd is as simple as fighting like Roy did against Toney. NOBODY in boxing can fight like that, it's not physically possible. RJJ is one of a kind, probably the most gifted and talented athlete to ever compete in the sport, or at least you could make a strong case for it.

    If somebody had that combination of speed/power and athleticism at 147lb like Roy had in his prime, they'd have already wiped out everyone (probably Floyd too), unless they had some serious flaws.

  • 3 years ago

    Roy Jones Vs James Toney

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  • 8 years ago

    james toney and floyd mayweather fight totally different, only think they do similar is the shoulder roll. james toney was a great counter puncher where he would roll the right hand and always counter back, but where floyd willl do that to but he would back up and much more defensive. james was alot more aggressive counter puncher. and to me mayweather is better then james toney. and like mayweather says therse no blueprint on beating him.

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  • teodor
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    8 years ago

    You got it all wrong. Floyd is more of a Roy Jones Jr. type of a fighter than James Toney's who has been called Lights Out because of his ability to knockout his opponents given the slightest opening and opportunity.

    Floyd has more the mentality of Roy Jones who used his athleticism and superior boxing skills and defensive abilities to first study his opponents, toy with them and destroy them on points or by KO/TKO.

    You got your comparison totally awry!

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  • 8 years ago

    dude...i think you hit the cherry....cuz floyd fans are typing hard explanations to answer your Q while defcon 2 is blinking inside their head...

    if cotto who is slow manage to hurt floyd...what more pac who got tremendous handspeed....

    i hope pac's venom is back when they meet in the ring...cuz all pac got to do is follow cotto and castillo...push floyd to the ropes...trap him then drop the bombs....imagine those hard lefts...hooks and uppers...tsktsktsk....and those powerful overhand rights? those are manny's favorites...floyd will surely avoid the ropes but nothin he can do, pac knows how to cut the ring....


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  • 8 years ago

    The answer is Pacquiao. Duhhh

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