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Do Indian women date white men?


I was wondering: Do Indian women date white men? I've always been really attracted to them but always feel hesitant when the opportunity arises to ask a woman from that ethnicity out on a date.

Here's a description of what I look like:

* Brownish hair

* Blue eyes

* Bit over six feet



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    From an Indian perspective, you're majorly good-looking. Of course, we all have different definition of good looks, but I'm giving you the general idea.

    And it actually varies. Most of the girls didn't use to date white men but now they do. So you'd have to know the girl's preferences and her family's rules. Try knowing a bit more about the girl before asking her out. There's nothing to be shy about :)

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    Indian Women Looking For Man

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    Most Indian women would not mind dating a white man. But we do feel that they are not serious about settling down. I am in Indian girl living in western Europe and I dont think white men are actually ever interested in Indian must be an exception.....

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    Yes,I've seen Indian women w/white men.While maybe not alot,I wouldn't consider it unusual.As a matter of fact,there's this show I've watched from time to time on TV called 'Say Yes to the Dress',about women who go wedding dress shopping at this boutique in NY,& several times I've seen it where there will be an Indian woman looking for either 2 dresses,one traditional Indian & one white one because she's marrying a white guy & they're having 2 different ceremonies,or they'll want to take a more westernized looking dress & dye it red because they want to incorporate both their cultures in their wedding.So there are definately women who are open to it,not just for dating,but for marriage.

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    You are in luck because majority of Indian girls LOVE white guys ! We are just really shy.You seem like a perfect guy in the eyes of a Indian girl.

    I am an Indian girl and white guys are the only kind of guys I will go out with. Unfortunately, I get a lot of hate from White guys..

    Do not listen to the people saying that white skin is superior in the caste system. Your JOB determines your caste system in India. People who are poor (spend more time in the sun such as farmers ) happen to be in the lower caste. The rich people stay indoors so thier skin is lighter. It is just a coincidence that richer people have lighter skin in India.

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    Indian girls just love white guys!! if only white guys were easily accesible to them. I am an indian girl and I would prefer going out with a white guy, not just because he is fair but because his mentality is very broad minded and they are not perverts. An indian girl feels much safer with a white guy than with an indian man.

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    oh yes.. I'm an indian and I am attracted to white men. They are just different. I find them gorgeous. Perhaps because I have the black hair, brown eyes and olive skin...

    remember alot of them are shy...

    yes go for it.

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    I am an Indian girl, born and raised in India. Trust me, Indian girls are crazy for white guys! It's a stereotype that they don't date outside race. There are many girls from open minded, modern families who do date outside race. I know a girl who married Chinese dude. If you look like what you said,I am sure many Indian girls are attracted to you. They are shy and influenced by stereotype that white guys are racist. Ignore that Shan Barani guy, he is jerk.

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    Indian girls have to be virgins and dating is banned

    They have to marry within caste and religion, else there will be serious trouble from parents

    Indian girls like white guys because lighter skin is a marker of upper caste, but their parents dont want someone without college degree and making less than $100k, and who comes from a divorce culture

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    6 years ago

    whites are gross if I had to choose between black men or white men I would choose a black man.

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