How would you compare and contrast Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face in "Batman Returns" and him as K in "M.I.B."?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Tommy Lee Jones is in Batman Forever, not Batman Returns, go watch Batman Forever if you have a VHS tape, a Laserdisc, a DVD, or a Blu-Ray to this movie. if you watch the 1992 VHS print of Batman Returns, the Warner Home Video logo is not going anywhere, neither is the logo's theme music (i guess the Cheesy Shield is not going anywhere until the next Batman movie).

    Two-Face - a two-sided villain partnering with The Riddler who likes to play games trying to destroy Batman and take over Gotham City. Two-Face is a antagionist

    Agent Kay - a CIA Agent to trying to partnering with a basketball star turning into a agent who doesn't remember his name anymore after Kay trying to hold up and stop aliens and monsterous monsters from space from destroying the world. Kay is a one of the protagonist.

    Source(s): sorry, can't spell it, SAVE ME JEBUS!!!!! SAVE ME CHRIS JERICHO!!!!! SAVE ME TOM CRUISE!!!!
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