Real Madrid Castilla 3 Barcelona B 2 !?

The youngsters know how its done! good win!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Youngsters? Most were 21+ , however Eusebio needs the sack, our defense is laughable, and he isn't the right manager to teach young players who are being promoted from Juvenil A. I think our stand out stars were Sergi Roberto and Grimaldo, rest were sub par and will hopefully do better next time we meet at the Mini Estadi.

    @ET, Barça B lost quality players like Montoya, Tello, Bartra, Muniesa and JDS to the first team...

    @ET, you think Montoya, Bartra, Muniesia, Tello and freaking JDS!!! Didn't play for Barca B last season? You clearly need to do some research buddy...

    @Senor José, not true, In a Segunda Division playoff Barcelona B lost 5 - 0 to Castilla in 1998, and won the return leg 2 - 0, Xavi and Puyol were part of that team, besides a 3 - 2 result away from home is typical for Barcelona B even against the worst of teams, Mini Estadi is where they usually perform well.

  • Barcelona's B team was considered better because the players were all given more exposure unlike Madrid's B team. They were allowed to play in games alongside their elders in big games.In Castilla, the players are individually better and as they showed today,they were tactically superior. Had last season's players such as Sarabia, Carvajal, Joselu and Morata been present I'm sure the game would have ended with Madrid scoring some 5 or 6 goals. Castilla showed what had to be done to defeat a dominant team.They held the ball and had Barcelona fighting for possession.Mourinho should learn from the B team.

  • 8 years ago

    I watched that game, Barca B's defense was horrendous, then Sergi Roberts got sent off for the challenge on the keeper. The first Barca B goal was an OG so Castilla controlled this game.

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    4 years ago

    the place is the question there?... Barca B 3-a million Madrid Castilla? i ask your self what scores do you get on an English complete try yet besides we could have gained the experience yet because of the fact Barca is a cheating team, they have been waiting to diminish us down into 10 guy yet as a unswerving fan I congratulate Barca for triumphing the activity, now enable us to look ahead to wednesday night, something undesirable could take place to Barca.

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  • 8 years ago

    And to top it all of, Barca B have WAAAAY more experience playing "better teams" and Real Madrid Castilla sold their most crucial players from last term....Carvajal and Joselu...and Morata was moved up...

    @MM You still have Rafinha and Gerard don't you? You still have way more experience in the second division don't you? Exactly, no shame in losing tho. All the players you listed weren't even playing last season or the season before that and Barca B were still Top 3-5, I think. On the other hand, we lost Carvajal, Morata and Joselu...our BEST players from last season...and to top it all of we are playing in a division we have no experience in with these players...

  • 8 years ago

    Clearly that means Barcelona future superstars are non La Masia players.

  • Rakesh
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    8 years ago

    yes, but it will be happen

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