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I'm having trouble finding answers to the these questions in detail:

1. What were the major alignments and divisions among Americnas during the American Revolution?

2. Where the major campaign of the Revolution?

3. What role did the Articles of Confederation and the Confederation Congress play in the Revolution?

4. In what ways were the sates the sites for significant political change?

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    Q: What were the major alignments and divisions among Americans during the American Revolution?


    A: The American Revolution was in fact performed by the will of the minority of the colonists . Calhoon 's estimates that about 15 to 20 percent of the colonists stayed loyal to the crown , while among the rest many hesitated before they took the side of independents , or avoided the struggle . Freedom fighters constituted about 40-45 of the colonies population . The majority either did not want freedom , or had no certain position.

    Freedom fighters came mostly from old American families whose ancestries migrated to America decades ago , while among recent immigrants the majority did not yet feel that America was their land They felt like living in a part of the British Empire but not in a separate country . This especially related to settlers from countries other than Britain (like Germans in Pennsylvania ) and some religious groups like Quakers who simply did not understand the idea of independence .


    I hope this is helpful.

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