Making my own Minecraft Texture Pack?

These are the following files I have edited:

terrain.png (blocks)

kz.png (paintings)

char.png (player skin)

and several mob skins

Usually I open minecraft.jar and delete/replace the corresponding files. Now I want my texture pack to show in the "texture packs" option on the title screen so I can have both the normal texture pack and my texture pack and easily alternate between them. Can I just put these edited files into the terrain folder?


*I meant to say texturepack folder, not terrain folder.

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  • 7 years ago
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    use just donwload one for a test then open it with winrar and move your stuff in instead of the one you downloaded.

    Source(s): I use to make texturepacks
  • leick
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    3 years ago

    the entire element you like reminiscent of mods and texture packs could desire to be as much as date for the renowned-day version of Minecraft interior of right here ninety six hours (4 days) for specific. greater stepped forward mods and server plugins (Bukkit) will take longer. i wish this enables!

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