UPS? Are you kidding?

So i ordered computer parts for my first computer build off newegg. Guarantees 3 days shipping, then my parts say it wont come here till the 29 when i ordered on the 23. not to mention my computer case which i tracked is only a 5 minute drive away says it wont be here till the 27th. UPS is really breaking my balls here. maybe im too excited to have a powerful computer for the first time and i just cant wait ;_;

UPS what's the deal??!!

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    9 years ago
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    1, typically orders takes up to 48 hours to process based on payment method.

    2, it can take up to a day to prepare the order and notify the shipper and the shipper will pick up the package by about 5 pm. if the package is not ready by then, it'll wait til next business day.

    3, once the package gets to the mail carrier then the 3 day/72 hour countdown begins.

    4, they don't work weekends or holidays. those are non-business days. the 3 day / 72 hr countdown only applies to business days.

    doesn't newegg offer will-call? unless shipping is free go pick it up yourself. I see it as a waste of money.

    I actually don't shop @ newegg anymore. nothing against newegg, I just don't like paying sales tax. I already pay state income tax, I shouldn't be double-taxed when i buy stuff, triple tax if I own a house, quadruple taxed when i buy my own car... wasn't america founded to escape excessive taxation? this is just so wrong, so I avoid shopping in CA and avoid paying sales tax when possible.

  • 9 years ago

    I was a UPS driver for 28 years. 3 days means 3 working days which doesn't include Saturday or Sunday. Thats what the problem is. Had you ordered it on Tuesday it would have been there by Friday. Actually Newegg is very good about sending it the day of the order, many places aren't like that.

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