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2012 Impreza Sport vs 2012 Corolla S in Alaska and Interest Rate, Cant decide.?

I live in Alaska and yes theres a lot of snow during winter time ive had fwd cars and with traction control i havent had any problems but decided to buy a new car and this are my only two options due to my credit.

1: 2012 Subaru Impreza Sport Limited $24,200 w/ 2,800 Down at 8.75% 72 Mos ($382 Mo) USAA

2: 2012 Toyota Corolla S 21,800 - $1,500

Military Rebate w/ No Down at 14.5% 72 Mos ($423 Mo) Toyota Financial

The impreza is available in Sept 26 were the Toyota is available as of today. I do need a car but I dont know if i should wait or what. I dont know which one is a better car or which one real world gas mileage better etc.. Thanks

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    The Corolla S should be yours for $18,000 and you should get better than 14.5%. Work out a loan for this car for better rates from a credit union. . Your weak card is no-money-down.

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    You live in Alaska,why would you consider a Corolla S? I'm a huge Corolla fan but if I lived there, I'd pay a little more for the Subie. All wheel Drive is just better for the winter.

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