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Instagram will no longer post pictures to my Facebook timeline. Why?

I downloaded the new facebook app the other day and since then when I choose to share a photo on Instagram to Facebook it goes in the instagram album on facebook but does not show up on my timeline, nor the news feed. What gives?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Finding the same problem. I just updated to the new Instagram and now none of my photo's show up on my Timeline, just in my Instagram folder. Just read this on Instagram...

    "Facebook news feed share not working

    We are aware of an issue where photos shared to Facebook are appearing on user's timelines, but not their news feeds. We are working with Facebook to resolve the problem.

    Additionally, there is an issue where users who have not updated to Facebook Timeline yet are not able to share Instagram photos to their Wall."

    Looks like they are aware of the issues and are working on it.

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