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Read Ortiz's comments on this page. Does tha mean the Red Sox/Dodgers trade is official, even without a......?

statement from either club reguarding the report? None of the 4 players were in the clubhouse after the game. Also, Loney was pulled, and De La Rosa was "optioned" before the game. How far in the works do you think this deal is? Also, is this the Bold Move we heard about from Lucchino? Thats 270 million from just 4 players. Granted sox get De La Rosa, Sands (supposedly going to be an ellsbury type) De Jesus, Webster, and Loney.



BQ: was this trade shocking to you, since it may be the biggest trade in MLB history?

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  • Fungo
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    8 years ago
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    Everyone, like Ortiz, has a right to express opinions. But he's a DH - not a spokesman for the Red Sox.

    BQ: Only shocking that the Red Sox are giving up so easily to clean house. This may be the biggest trade in MLB history, we'll see.

  • Topher
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    8 years ago

    I have heard and read that it was close. The only hold up is that Beckett is a 10-5 guy and can veto the trade if he chooses to. Yeah it surprised me, I never thought they would get rid of Adrian, especially when he just signed that 7 year extension.

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