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how soon do you get a check after selling stock?

sold ko stock, when will I get a check

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    It's not enough to sell a stock. You also have to withdraw the money from your brokerage account (request a check). Zecco has a 30-day holding period, which means you cannot do anything with the money for 30 days before you withdraw it. With Scottrade, you'll get a check in about 2-3 weeks. So, it depends on your brokerage firm. If your brokerage account is linked to your bank account, then you can do an ACH transfer, which takes about 3 days. So, within 3 days, the money could be in your checking account, where you can withdraw it in cash or spend it or whatever.

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    If you have a margin account you dont have to wait for the settlement for starting trading again

    otherwise it depends on your broker..the settlement time is different for different brokers but generally it takes three working days.

    if you want to know more here is the link:

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