Filing for legal separation in Maryland?

My husband asked me and the kids to move out of our home while he stays for at least a yr before he file for legal separation. I dot want to separate let alone divorce. I have scriptural obligations. I told him I am not leaving without him making it legal. We have 2 young children together. He said he can only give us a little bit of funds until he get his debt down which that might take 5 yrs...

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  • 7 years ago
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    You shouldn't have to move out. He should. You have the kids. He should move out and continue to support you.

    Since he is insisting on a legal separation, see a lawyer. He has to pay you enough to live on. His debt is his problem, not yours. Supporting his children comes first. You need the protection that a legal separation gives you even if you dont' believe in divorce. He is abandoning you.

    It's absurd that he expects you to be the ones to move. It is almost always the one who is raising the kids who gets to keep the house.

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