I've been under a lot of stress lately?

Ever since school started on the 14th, I've been under a lot of stress. I'm taking: Math Analysis, English 2A, Chemistry, AP World History, Spanish 2, and Multi Media 2. I think the problem is that I'm having summer syndrome, but idk. (I'm a sophomore striving to get accepted to Harvard, so I have to get straight A's) A lot of work has been assigned these past two weeks, as well as tests. So far, I'm basically failing all of my classes :'(. I'll start with Math.

Math Analysis: This is my second time having my teacher. It's pretty easy to get an A, but the prerequisite work she's been assigning is pretty hard. Yesterday, we took a quiz, and I was one of the only people who got an F. Thing is, the test was EASY when she explained it, and about (90% got an A). We're going to have our first test next Friday, and I'm very unprepared.

English 2A: This class I'm getting an A in.

Chemistry: The teacher is an easy A teacher, but the thing is my lab partner, "Ana" is, well.....kind of not here. Don't get me wrong, I like her a lot but she's always trying to start off a conversation about what happened at lunch or what she did at the mall or whatnot instead of FOCUSING ON THE WORK. She's an outgoing senior so I can understand how she's a bit excited about graduation, but come on. What's worse, she doesn't know how to do the work no matter how many times people try to tell her. I had enough of it when yesterday we had a quiz and she didn't know what she was doing and we got an F. :'( Now, I'm at the point where I feel like, strangling her or something because whenever I'm trying to do the work, she's talking.

AP World History:

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    Ok, so I wanna start off by saying I know exactly how you feel. I'm going to be a sophomore (my first days tuesday, wish me luck) and I'm in a special academics program with accelerated science and engineering classes. I'm taking 9 classes when my schedule only allows 8 (3 are AP's, only Orchestra is standard, and the rest are honors) I get all A's as well. The only difference really is I want to go to Yale not Harvard. I get so stressed during the school year that I get headaches and can't sleep well.

    I've come up with a lot of techniques to help me out. The first is studying and asking for help. Go to your teachers and tell them that you're feeling stressed and that you don't know why you're making such silly mistakes. If necessary, ask your teachers to stay after school or for extra help if you don't understand something.

    My next tip is to separate school time from down time from extracurricular/sport time. School is time for school. While you're at school only focus on your work and being the best student. When you're at home, get your homework and studying out of the way first. Once you're sure you've done all your homework, you can do your extracurriculars. Then when you're out of things to do, relax.

    For Chemistry, why not ask your teacher for a different lab partner? If your partner is really bothering you or not doing her share; you shouldn't suffer. For Math and your other subjects, ask your teachers for help like I mentioned before. Please don't feel like you're alone. Your teachers are there to teach you and help you learn.

    Also, remember that you're only a sophomore. It won't be the end of the world if you get a B. Its also still early in the year, you have plenty of time to get your grades up and get back into the swing of things.

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