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i'm a writer, i want to start the revised version of my book - story, i'm looking for opinions should I start?

my book from the very very beginnings or from the point in a child who was 9 in the story,

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    Um, if you're up to revising it, you already know where you started. Revising means you have the story the way you want it, but now you're fine tuning it - making an okay word into the best word for that spot, cutting out info dumps, tweaking this scene or heightening up the tension in that scene.

    If you don't even know where the story starts, at best, you're on your second draft and "reworking" the story, not merely revising it.

    So, you now want to know where to really start this story? (Oh, it's not a "book" until it's published. We call them stories, plots, work-in-progress, etc., but not yet a book.) A story starts in one place and one place only - that moment in time when the protagonist (main character) has his/her normal life pulled out from under in such a way that there is but no choice but to work to get back to normal life. (Of course, that's how the protagonist sees it. As writers, we know there will never be a return to normal life, so the protagonist is really going to spend the rest of the story trying to create a new normal - for better or worse.) That moment when life changes - that point where the protagonist's entire life gets all screwed up in such a way that the rest of the story is how to fix it (obviously making it worse and worse for most of the story) is also the first paragraph. That way you do what we all need to do with our stories - hook the reader.

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    Um so what's your question....

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