Why do you want to Achieve? Do you want to be better than people?

I think most people are driven by social comparison, and thus the goal is to achieve a certain social position or status. What is your motivation?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Social comparison to me seems to simply be a side effect to the real reason to achieve, but let me explain. In the short run people want to achieve so they can move forward in life. Goals are steps to the new stage in life you are trying to get to. When you achieve a short term goal, you move up one step. Long term goals are floors in this analogy. Once you complete enough short term goals you are bound to complete a long term one eventually. Everyone has a different number of floors they will reach in their life but it is the last floor that is the most important, and it is the core reason that drives each human. This last floor is called the legacy. every person wants to leave something behind after they have passed away to help people remember them by. The easiest way to do this is by writing biography but legacies can form in many ways, the most common is by having children. having a child ensures your blood moves on through time. your genes survive and you contribute to society as a whole. this drive for a legacy is what motivates us to achieve. now the reason we socially compare ourselves to each other is because we need something to compare our legacy to. I have to be better than the person next to me for my legacy to stick out more and for my thoughts to survive the test of time. Our legacies are the most powerful things we can leave behind, but the only way to form one is to achieve in life's endeavors.

    Source(s): a humble opinion.
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