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Why do Christians in this section treat bible verses like mathematical axioms?

What an insult. Take some of the answerers in this question;_ylt=AtWu0...

Ok you're posting all these verses but there's nothing self-evident about them. They don't help your argument at all. Who do you suppose wrote what you're posting? A bunch of anonymous scribes hundreds of years ago. Even more so, what makes you think any of the text is true? Faith? Faith means nothing. That's like trying to prove any of the Boolean theorems and hoping that you're right just cause you have a 'hunch it's true due to my faith/belief'

News flash: Any self-respected mathematician will try to rigorously prove his work before it's peer reviewed by other mathematicians. This is to assure that without a shadow of a doubt, what is on that paper is true. None of the religious zealots ANYWHERE (or should I say anyWHEN) would do that. They expect you to read up their trash and believe it just because they're the ones who wrote it, or because somebody claimed they got it from an angel (yes, I'm talking to you Muhammad) that it's true and it's the word of god.

Enlighten me. You post one quotation from your religious text and you've purposely made the argument moot and in my favor, just saying.


@ James: Do you know what I mean by "rigorously proving" something? Please don't give me that fortune telling crap. Show me a phrase in the bible that's completely self-evident (i.e "and on september 11th, 2001, god will get really mad at people so he decided to have terrorists bomb the WTC"). Nothing like that in the bible or anywhere else. Everything is generic, nothing specific. This is why the bible has so many loop holes and paradoxes and inconsistencies. You cannot point focus a single detail down and be totally sure that what you just read is cold hard truth. People interpret the bible according to how they see it (that's why Christianity has so many sub branches). Hell, didn't scribes hundreds of years ago LEAVE OUT certain books to avoid heresy?

Make that argument to any scientist and they'll just laugh at you. Try again.

Update 2:

@ Hope: That's a syllogism. This would be an example of axioms (mind the word postulate, euclid's work is over 2000 years old and we got non euclidean geometry now that twists his work) -

Update 3:

@ mimi: You can write a whole book on what axioms are but in layman's terms they're self-evident truths from observations. Boolean theorems have nothing to do with what's at hand I mentioned them to make a point. They're something a mathematician of the same named used in his work a couple hundred years ago to expand multivariable calculus. I could've mentioned anything related to math that needed proving but I didn't want to seem pretentious since it's been a while (couple months) that I've done 'real' math.

Update 4:

name* don't mind the grammar mistakes I just think faster than I write sometimes and get ahead of myself..

Update 5:

@ P.A.T: Nice job copying and pasting from wikipedia. Obviously axioms cannot be demonstrated in math proofs because they are SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS (how many times do I have to repeat myself before you get it through your skull?) And if you knew anything about math you'd know that Godel was referring to mathematical platonism, with the idea of certain objects in mathematics maintaining their existence and abstractness outside the human mind, in their own plane of reality. He was NOT referring to platonism as viewed by the Christian church.

Update 6:

@ capitalgentleman: Oh really? Math has been around for a long time, far longer than any religion. Your prehistoric ancestors (Nearly 40,000 YEARS ago) developed the earliest known tally/counting system using baboon bones. Look up 'Lebombo Bone' and you'll see what I mean. The first legitimate attempt towards understanding the nature of numbers ('prime') and simple geometries occurred in ancient babylonia and egypt, predating the oldest biblical texts by at least 2000 years. Trust me, math has had far more time for rigorous peer review than any other intellectual AND spiritual pursuit.

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    Because they're fundies who like to proselytize on religion-themed forums. Duh.

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    You don't mean axiom at all, you mean theorem ButtHead.

    An axiom is a premise or starting point of reasoning.

    Unlike theorems, axioms (unless redundant) cannot be derived by principles of deduction, nor are they demonstrable by mathematical proofs, simply because they are starting points; there is nothing else from which they logically follow (otherwise they would be classified as theorems).

    See, this is what's wrong with this section. People start out just asserting -- like a baboon in the jungle --- there are no rational bases for God, yet history is full of them. You might not buy it but there they are.

    And if anybody knows math like I do they know that there are now FOUR schools of thought in philosophy of mathematics, it is one of the most unstable areas of modern thought. Godel for example was a thorough-going PLATONIST.

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    Because...if it's in the bible, it is 100% true, that's why. The bible can NOT be wrong. God wrote it himself, and the world and universe was created in 7 quick days.


    I am looking for the answer to that same question by the way. It looks to me as if throwing a quick verse is seen to add credibility but it actually makes the person who does it look as if they can't hold an intellectual conversation defending their beliefs. That's usually the case because most of the bible is irrational at best.

    (by the way, this is coming from someone who was raised as a Christian.)

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    We don't accept the Bible based on "blind faith". We believe the Bible is the word of God because it is supported by the evidence. The reasons I believe the Bible is God's word, are: fulfilled prophecy, archeological evidence, historical evidence, manuscript evidence, scientific evidence, and Jesus' power to change lives. By the way, there are 2,000 fulfilled prophecies in the Bible, which were written in most cases, hundreds of years before their fulfillments.

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    The Bible, as it is now, has had over 1700 years of thorough peer review. Parts of it have had about 3500 years of peer review.

    NO mathematics comes even close to that.

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    Truly. "The bible says X therefore..."

    All the Bible proves is that some people are willing to believe the most absurd of things.

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    youre just asking for hate the people in this section are very dogmatic

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    What does axioms and Boolean theorems mean?

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    cue all the bible quotes LOL

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    well here's your enlightenment:

    either you will live and be blessed by the Holy Bible word of God - OR you will die and be judged by it

    you have God's word on it, mate -- believe it or not, it's not going away

    Isa 45:23 I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth [in] righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess to God.

    Time will vindicate our God


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