Dream about a car crash?

What do car crash dreams mean?

In my dream, I was driving on an interstate and my bf was in the passengers seat. I think some heavy rain or smoke hindered my vision and as I was slowing down I rear ended this car in front of me that looked like a 2005 champagne colored Nissan Altima (i always wanted one of those lol) We were in my bfs Nissan Exterra.

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    8 years ago
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    Driving in a car means moving forward, being in control of your life.

    A crash means something or someone will take your power away, perhaps it means that you're unable to go to college or get the job you want.

    Your bf in your passenger seat means you're moving forward with him, and you're in control.

    Rain or smoke means emotions or lies that tangle you up, maybe he doesn't want you to have your own car, and he's mad but won't tell you...

    The crash into the car you want means that the obstacle has to do with that.

    Talk to him about it, tell him it doesn't mean you want to get away from him ! You must tell him or you'll have big unnecessary problems.

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