Polish schools hirering recent teacher graduates?

I will graduate in 3-4 years with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (k-8) and also have my teaching certificate. I would like to teach abroad in a Polish Language School. Is it possible for a recent graduate to obtain a job teaching? Do you know of any websites that are looking for American teachers to teach in Poland? Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    Americans and Englishmen who teach in Poland usually teach English as native speakers. There are quite a lot of job offers for those with proper qualifications but most are offered by language schools (which means working in the afternoon). You may contact any school that is looking for a native speaker or simply send your CV to a school of your choice. Empik School and Profi Lingua are probably the biggest in the country and they have school all over Poland.

    Here's an odd link to a website with offers for native speakers


    I know sometimes state schools employ native speakers, too but it's quite rare. I used to know one American guy who taught English as a foreign language in a state high school.

    There are also some international school in Poland for foreigners but I guess getting a job there might be much more complicated. Here's on in Kraków


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