What are some easy books to read in Spanish?

I'm not so good in Spanish but I can understand to some level. I would like to know any suggestions for Spanish book that would be easy to read and still have a good story!


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    9 years ago
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    Try cartoon books, such a Disney books -

    I also suggest the Reader's Digest in Spanish - it is called "Selecciones" -


    When I moved to Argentina, I learn Spanish different ways - (full time) -

    Watching TV, newspapers, songs, cartoon books, Reader's Digest in Spanish -

    And nobody spoke English around me -

    Order meals in restaurants, and had a beer and conversations in bars -

    I could be speaking some in 6 weeks - somewhat fluent after 3 months -

    It is now my main language, I speak Spanish at home with my wife -

    She is a Buenos Aires native and speaks no English at all -

    Other advice -

    Learn little sentences of a few words - and listen to pronunciation -

    Do not learn isolated words which do not make sense when put together -


    Source(s): I am retired and live in Argentina -
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