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slot machine strategy?

I am reading a book on slot machines and it gives this theory as a way to gain an edge in the slot machines. What do you say to it.

Las Vegas slot machines payout 95%-97.7% range depending on the amount of money put into the slot machines.


The book says that in some casinos you can get comped freebies with your playing that will justify the amount of money lost on the slot machine.


If you spend $100 on slots and make $95 dollars back then you get comped a meal worth $10. You have just made a profit of $5.

What do you think about this theory.


I know that you are not going to win back $95 for every $100 you spend. That is just an oversimplified way of applying a statistic to real world money.

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    Here's something all those betting systems won't tell you: the house edge means nothing in small samples of game play. Let me explain: that 95% payout is over thousands and thousands of spins, not over a few hours at a single machine.

    You cannot go to the casino and *plan* to only lose ten dollars, which you'll get back with a freebie. If you could plan the outcome, wouldn't you plan to win in the first place? Every spin will be completely random, and you're just as likely to lose your $100 altogether.

    Besides, those freebies are designed to make you play when you wouldn't ordinarily play that day or to that extent, so the logic of playing 'for the freebies' is faulty, because your loss is obviously zero if you don't play.

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    Having worked over 12 years in the casino biz, I will offer the cold, hard truth. Slot machines are run by RNG's (random number generators). I will not go into detail about how the RNG works, just that slot machines are random. There is no way to predict if the next spin will be a winner or a loser. Even the casino doesn't know. In the long run the casino will come out ahead. I promise you that. But in the short term the player can and often does win. There is no skill involved in playing a slot machine. You can't outguess the computer. In your example, you got lucky in the short term. You played for 2 hours and won. Then you lost it back. The machine was not set to max out at $38. You could have won the top jackpot. Switching machines wouldn't have changed your expected result either. There are hundreds of slot "strategies" out there. But I can assure you none of them work. There is no way to overcome the house edge in the long run. You can, however, limit your losses by playing higher payback machines...and playing enough coins to cover all the paylines (on multi-line games). If there was a way to predict slot payouts, I wouldn't have had such a good paying job for so long!

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    That is completely false, and if you think that is how it works, you are in for a surprise. You can play $100 and win back $0, then get a $10 comp, well looks like you are out $90. Just because the payback percentage is that high, does not mean you will win that much. Also to add, you are not always gonna get comped.

    Payback percentage on a machine is the top overall percentage for payback, even with the high number it is still very likely you can hit a streak of non-winning or low win spin combinations.

    There are NO strategy's that will change your chance of winning, they may adjust your payout(betting more or less) but that is it.

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    I work for a bingo site which has online slot machines and that is indeed the sort of payout you can expect from them.

    However there are never any guarantees in gambling as stats are not always in your favour. You could win 120% of your stake back and if that happens there is always going to be someone who lost 20%.

    My thoughts when I go to the casino is to have a pot of money that you're prepared to lose. Like you would if you went to an amusement park. If you play for 5 hours great, if you only get an hour well that's just how it goes.

    I hope that helps!

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    I don't believe Vegas pays on that scale. I have seen slots in Vegas that have a sign above them that say 99% return. What I don't see is lines of people waiting to play them. You have to play with your gut. If you got a machine that is hot, play until it hits a sizable pot and then get off. You will probably end up with more than just a 10 dollar comp. The key is to leave with more than you came with. I use to play the slots when the seniors were in house. The machines seemed to be set to hit with more frequency. Good Luck!

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    If every player who went to the casino did exactly what you post then this is what happens.

    The casino loses $5 per person per day with no end in sight. Eventually the casino will shut its doors because it keeps losing money. On that set up alone.

    Casinos are in the business to make money. No business can make money by giving away services or good or both for free and then paying the customer in money or food on top of that.

    Now on to Comps.

    Comps are not free. You gamble, you eventually lose and if you lose thousands then you might get a free meal or perhaps free hotel room. If the meal is worth $10 and you lost $1,000 to get that meal then that meal really costs $1,000. Any gambler would better off eating, paying $10 for the meal and not gambling at all.

    Casio comp gamblers because they want these people to keep gambling. Winners get comped because the casino wants that money back. Comp the winner, he or she gambles some more and starts losing back that money. Comp the loser who lost big and watch him lose more trying to win back the losses.

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    You aren't getting comped a meal for playing for $100, and you aren't winning $95 every time you spend $100. I would not trust a word that book says.

    BTW, it's not a $5 profit. It's a $5 loss. Maybe a $3 loss, b/c the food that cost $10 only costs the casino $2 to make. It's a loss for you. They made money on you.

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    The amount comped never justifies the amount loss, it just makes you feel better and helps you out....If you spend 100 dollar even on the highest house edge slots, you will not get comped 10 bucks unless you are in a casino that is in the middle of no where and they are the friendliest people(which does happen). This will not work in the big cities tho.

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    It's simple. You can't just play through $100 and get comped a $10 meal.

    You'll have to play THOUSANDS of dollars before you'll get comped $10 for a meal.

    The only person winning from this book is the author and the casinos.

    (Anyone still think this person should be encouraged???)

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