What's the best way to go about hiring somebody to timber land?

One of my coworkers inherited 17 acres of wooded land in West Virginia and he's hurting financially. What would be the best way for him to hire some loggers to timber his land? He works 3 jobs so he doesn't have time to supervise or be any part of it really. I'm going to do the foot work and he's going to give me two acres on land contract to do as I wish but I'm clueless about where to even start. I've never had land let alone wooded land to timber. Any suggestions on websites, who to call or companies or people to ask would be GREAT. I'm really looking forward to the two acres for my family and me to grow up on. It's literally in the middle of nowhere.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Cll a company like Weyerhaeuser Co. They may be interested in leasing the timber rights to the land. This is a very common practice.

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