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Which is the best name ending in Ann?

I want my daughter's name to be something-Ann to honor my mother. I don't want Ann to be the middle name and I don't want Ann or any variant of it as a first name alone. The middle name will be either Rose, Caroline, or Brooke. The hyphen is staying. Here's what were thinking...

Meg-Ann Rose (She can go by Meg)

Tori-Ann Brooke

Luci-Ann Caroline

Bree-Ann Rose

Carol-Ann Rose

Rayle-Ann Brooke (Ray-lee)

Rates? Suggestions? Etc?

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    Meg-Ann Rose sweet, 8/10

    Tori-Ann Brooke more modern 9/10

    Luci-Ann Caroline not my fave 5/10

    Bree-Ann Rose trendy 8/10

    Carol-Ann Rose Carol was very popular once 4/10

    Rayle-Ann Brooke No one would pronounce this Raylee with it spelled that way-they would say Rail Ann. Therefore, 3/10 sorry

    Joy-Ann Rose happy name and unique

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    Meg-Ann Rose - 4/10 - Doesn't flow well

    Tori-Ann Brooke - 7/10 - Cute!

    Luci-Ann Caroline - 8/10 - Love these names and it sounds good.

    Bree-Ann Rose - 9/10 - This flows the best.

    Carol-Ann Rose - 6/10 - A bit harder to say.

    Rayle-Ann Brooke - 8/10 - I really like this one. Rayle is so cute!

    Hope I helped!

  • I know a girl called Ashley-Ann Rose, which In my opinion is lovely!

    Out of the above names I like

    Bree-Ann Rose and Carol-Ann Rose.

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    From your list I like Carol-Ann Rose

    I think Beth-Ann (pronounced Beth-N) is really pretty. Also Mary-Ann would be cool.

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  • 8 years ago

    Tori-Ann Rose is a pretty name. And unique

  • 8 years ago

    Luci-Ann Caroline


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I really like Tori-Ann or Meg-Ann. Luci-Ann is also really cute, but it's not my favorite ever.

  • 8 years ago

    I think because Ann is such a classic name, a classic name to go in front of it would sound better. My favorite is Carol or Luci

  • Leah
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    8 years ago

    I like rayle-ann brooke.. I might would spell it raylei just because its different but either way super cute. Congrats!

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