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What tripod for a jib?

I want to get this: http://www.kesslercrane.com/product-p/100041.htm

but can't afford a the k-pod (tripod that goes with it) which alternative is the best to buy?

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    Weight is the issue:

    * The Kessler crane you want to get (the link you gave us) weighs 15 pounds;

    * The total possible counter weight amount (the link you gave us) is 7.5 pounds

    * The weight of your camera - be sure to include the camera, battery, mic, wireless mic base station - basically anything that might be on the camcorder when you use the crane plus any other cables and maybe a small monitor (since you can't see the camcorder's viewfinder or LCD screen - I use a small portable DVD player that has AV-in - the batteries last a long time when you don't play DVDs). For round numbers, let us call this 10 pounds. (And the web page says, "Camera capacity: Up to 10 lbs".)

    15 + 7.5 + 10 = 32.5 pounds... round up to 33 pounds. Now, find a tripod and head that are rated at 35 pounds or more. If you go low on the weight rating of the tripod and head, you risk catastrophic failure of either or both. It would be a bummer to see the tripod or head crumbling under the weight of the stuff you add to it...

    Manfrotto has a head/tripod set.


    Majestic has legs - you add the head.


    There are a few others... You can call Kessler, too - they may make some recommendations.

    I have the KC8 Ultra kit. Kessler makes awesome gear. I can JUMP on the K-POD and it does not budge. The Hercules head moves flawlessly or remains absolutely still. Kessler makes great stuff. You made a good choice... They do have a Mafrotto 536 tripod (rated at 50 pounds) at the Kessler site - and that can be paired with the Hercules head - Though if there is ANY way you can get to the K-POD with Hercules head, even though it is a bit overkill (and on the high side of an expense), I strongly recommend it.

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